Who Makes Hercules Power Tools

Hercules Power Tools: Uncovering the Makers Behind the Brand

For contractors and DIY enthusiasts, Hercules represents an accessible brand of affordable power tools in 2024. The bright yellow tools stock the shelves of many home centers and hardware stores nationwide. However, few understand who makes hercules power tools and cordless tools. This guide pulls back the curtain on the makers producing tools under the Hercules name.

Hercules Tools

The Hercules Branding Strategy

Hercules tools do not originate from a single dedicated manufacturer. Who owns hercules tools? Who is hercules tools manufacturer? Instead, the Hercules brand serves as a private label owned by different companies and retailers. These firms license the Hercules name from its trademark holder to market various tools.

Utilizing private labeling allows companies to avoid the high costs of advertising and brand development for new tool lines. They simply rebrand and customize existing tools with the Hercules name and visual identity. This provides a ready-made brand presence on store shelves.

For consumers, Hercules acts as an affordable umbrella brand encompassing many tool types. Users recognize the brand’s signature yellow styling and logo. However, the actual makers building those tools may change periodically between product lines and categories. Identifying the original equipment manufacturers behind Hercules tools requires some digging.

Major Hercules Power Tool Producers

While information remains limited, research reveals some of the main companies manufacturing tools branded as Hercules over recent years:

Power Smart

Headquartered in the state of Illinois, Power Smart stands as a prominent manufacturer of Hercules power tools. Their extensive product range encompasses a variety of outdoor power equipment, including generators, pressure washers, log splitters, and related items marketed under the Hercules brand. Power Smart’s Hercules line of power tools has garnered recognition for its quality and reliability, making it a trusted choice for consumers seeking durable and efficient equipment for a diverse range of outdoor tasks. With a strong emphasis on performance and durability, Power Smart’s Hercules tools have established a solid presence in the market, meeting the needs of both professional users and homeowners alike. The brand’s offerings cater to a wide array of outdoor power equipment requirements, reinforcing Power Smart’s reputation as a leading provider of dependable and robust tools designed to tackle demanding outdoor tasks with precision and efficiency.

Steuten Global Tools

The Mexican manufacturer, Steuten, has established itself as a producer of an array of Hercules bench and stationary power tools, encompassing a range of products such as drill presses, scroll saws, and sanders. Their Hercules line of power tools has gained visibility within the industry for its quality and performance, offering users reliable and robust options for various woodworking and metalworking applications. Steuten has garnered recognition for its expertise in licensing and private branding, providing tailored solutions for major retailers looking to expand their product offerings in the power tools and equipment segment. By specializing in licensing and private branding, Steuten has positioned itself as a trusted partner for retail establishments seeking to enhance their product portfolios with high-quality, private-label power tools. This strategic focus underscores Steuten’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services while meeting the specific needs and branding requirements of its retail partners.

Hercules Tools

Mibro Power Tool Company

Mibro is a prominent company based in the Seattle area. They specialize in manufacturing a wide range of Hercules hand tools, including both corded and cordless variants. Their product lineup comprises an assortment of power tools such as drills, drivers, saws, and grinders. These are tailored to meet the diverse needs of consumers seeking reliable and efficient handheld equipment for various tasks.

Additionally, Mibro extends its expertise in producing outdoor power equipment adorned with the Hercules badge. This further expands its portfolio to include lawn and garden tools, serving as a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of quality solutions for multiple applications. This strategic diversification underscores Mibro’s dedication to addressing the varied requirements of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. It cements its reputation as a trusted provider of high-performance, durable, and versatile tools designed to deliver optimal results across a broad spectrum of projects and tasks.

Positec Tool Corporation

Headquartered in China, Positec has secured licensing agreements to manufacture a range of Hercules power tools for major American retailers, prominently including Lowe’s. Their catalog features a diverse selection of power tools, encompassing drills, nailers, bench grinders, and planers, among other offerings. While this is not an exhaustive list, these manufacturers represent some of the dominant contributors presently or previously involved in the production of substantial segments of the Hercules power tool family.

power tool

This underscores the global collaborative efforts in the production and distribution of high-quality power tools. Positec’s partnerships and manufacturing capabilities underscore its commitment to providing retailers and consumers with a comprehensive range of power tools under the trusted Hercules brand. These are tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This collaborative approach also exemplifies the global nature of the power tools industry. Manufacturers from various regions contribute to the production of reliable, performance-oriented tools for discerning users.

Where Hercules Tools Get Made

Where are hercules tools made? Since Hercules utilizes an external manufacturing model, its tools get produced in the same facilities and locations as the original equipment makers’ other brands. Most Hercules tools originate from factories across China, Taiwan, and Mexico.

Certain Hercules products like generators and pressure washers get built stateside by Power Smart at their Illinois plant. Similarly, Mibro manufactures some American-made Hercules lawn tools from their Washington operations.

However, the majority of Hercules tools sold through major retailers like Lowe’s and Harbor Freight get imported from high-volume overseas manufacturing centers. These tools undergo the same production processes as other economy tool lines.

After assembly in China, Mexico, completed Hercules tools get packaged and shipped in bulk to distribution centers across America. From there, they make their way to retailer warehouses before stocking on store shelves under the familiar bright yellow branding.

Manufacturing Standards and Quality

Tools branded as Hercules follow the manufacturing standards, quality control processes, and materials sources as each contract producer’s other brands and product lines. While made affordable, Hercules tools do not necessarily utilize lower-quality components or shortcut procedures.

Established manufacturers build the tools using similar factories, workers, and benchmarked quality practices employed for better-known name brands. Many hold major certifications like ISO 9000 for their facilities and processes.

However, contracts to produce Hercules tools often specify lower overhead budgets than premium tool lines. Makers may use more economy materials, simplified designs, and streamlined processes to reduce manufacturing costs. Less expensive assembly labor in overseas factories also enables lower pricing.

So while made through legitimate, certified production methods, Hercules tools generally contain fewer premium features or heavyweight components compared to top-tier brands. This positions Hercules firmly as a value-focused line prioritizing budget pricing over professional-grade characteristics.

The Buying Experience with Hercules Tools

For shoppers in the market for inexpensive yet serviceable power tools, Hercules tools provide solid basic performance for common DIY applications and light-duty jobs. Users can expect decent quality and reliability in line with Hercules’ value positioning and pricing.

However, Hercules tools may fall short for heavy, constant usage in industrial or commercial settings. Their underlying budget-minded designs and components may not withstand those extreme demands over extended periods.

Determining which exact company produced a given Hercules model remains challenging due to limited supply chain transparency from retailers. Shoppers must purchase based on brand reputation versus a clearly identified manufacturer’s reputation.

Thankfully, Hercules’ diverse production network insulates shoppers from quality issues isolated to any single manufacturing source. If problems emerge, retailers can shift sourcing to other approved contract manufacturers for that product line in the future.

For basic needs around the home, garage, and jobsite, Hercules presents a trusted name in affordable, capable power tools from a variety of experienced makers. Knowing the brand’s manufacturing story reveals the flexibility behind maintaining consistent value and availability on store shelves.


In conclusion, Hercules power tools are manufactured by Harbor Freight Tools, a well-known and reputable company in the tool industry. With a commitment to delivering high-quality products at affordable prices, Harbor Freight Tools has gained recognition among consumers and professionals alike. Hercules power tools, specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, have gained popularity for their durability, performance, and value for money.

The brand has established a reputation for providing reliable and powerful tools that can withstand demanding tasks. Some may question the affordability of Hercules power tools. However, user reviews and feedback attest to their impressive performance and long-lasting durability. Hercules offers a wide range of power tools, from drills to saws. This ensures that users have reliable and efficient tools for their professional and DIY projects.

By choosing Hercules power tools, users can confidently tackle their projects, knowing they have a trusted brand supporting them. With Harbor Freight Tools behind the Hercules name, customers can rely on their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Harness the strength and reliability of Hercules power tools, and experience the performance and durability expected from a reputable tool manufacturer.

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